Here are some pics from ACC

Some of Halligan's display

Heavens ta Betsy

Inside Halligan's case


Happy community

Her booth

Don't fix my hair

Booth sitters

Sell sell sell

Better looking booth sitter

Halli was high all week

I taped Lydia's head to the car seat

She couldn't get out

She ate me in retaliation

High (not really granny)


My booth. We played a big game of chess

45 foot booth with a quilter, furniture maker and jeweler

A picture of Lydia

My cases...I know a guy

Inside one of my cases

One woman asked me if I was a history major

Breakdown...I wish Tom Petty was there to sing that to us

Chap and Maura came. They were helpful. Thanks

Excited to get on the road in the rain after a long day

Halli in the snow at a rest stop on I-95

Her first snowman!

Maybe it's a snow walrus

I just watched then took credit

Best friends

The day after we got back Halli was on WTOC

Fame, millions, maybe I'll benefit

Sonny and Jody you rascals

Upside-down jewelry